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WTG U Art!! If more residents and others that frequent this park paid as much attention as you have to the freak show that is unfolding there daily this type of thing could and would stop! Thank You for having enough guts to do what you have and make others aware! I bet you keep a pair of binoculars to spy on your neighbors too.

Did you know that this post led to a decoy sweep of the park and nine perverts got arrested in one day? Do you think that is OK for these perverts to be having sex in a public park where there are kids playing? Maybe you are one of them…. Get a life. I live in the neighborhood with my family and I want to enjoy the park.

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We know what is happening and it pisses us off, get a room already. My child and dog walk through there every day. The guys that empty the trash and clean the rest rooms have those vinyl gloves. Mystery solved. I saw the same gloves on the custodian. Like the other man wrote, you have too much time on your hands. You must be retired. I teach bloodborne pathogens safety awareness to janitors. They use those gloves to evade contact with bodily fluids, such as what you find in bathrooms.

Clearly we have a problem. Tell your husband that if he elects to assault me he will be arrested. It will cost you a small fortune to bail him out. To get arrested does not mean much. Were they charged and if so convicted? Been to the park a number of times and can say you are really being paranoid. I would be more worried of you than of gay guys hanging about in the park; at least id know they would be minding their own business. You are making a big deal about lurkers in the park. From your post, I would be inclined to believe that you are a lurker yourself: Man, I would hate to be your neighbor.

Now, i know you may be thinking that I am trying to look the other way. I see guys just standing around in the park when I run in the morning. I have come accustomed to finding rubber gloves and condoms just lying around. What do you expect.

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Are we not an urbanized area? Is it not a park with plenty of foliage?

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It happens, but not at the frequency you are claiming. I personally find someone walking some small breed dog more alarming than a couple of homosexuals going to the park to hook up. Sex happens. Before work and on off days, i run through the park and have never seen nearly as many lurking men as you make it seem there are. I have seen other runners, but as for people having sex in the bushes, none. Because of our coverage the park brush was cleared. It used to be common to find spent condoms and medical gloves on the trail — check out the pictures I took, they speak for themselves.

Sex happens but it should NOT happen in public parks, period.

Man and woman 'ran sophisticated brothel' in Orange County

I used to live a few blocks away. One day I was riding my bike and looked up onto a hillside to see a naked man crouched on the ground. I had another follow me down Santiago blvd. Why do we have to put up with this? This has nothing to do with gay rights. Human rights are for HUMANS, and should only extend to activities where you act like a decent human being, and not protect perverts and sickos. If it is any consolation, the increased scrutiny seems to be working. I have not seen as many lurkers of late.

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Not to worry!!! I heard that they had been arresting several subjects per night for being in the park after dusk plus people drinking etc. If you live in Park Santiago area you know that years ago the mounted unit worked the park for a long time and they made a great difference. Good job!! Yes it is very troubling that this behavior occurs this park. It is Lewd conduct. However, there is a double standard in enforcement. I have called the park ranger on more that one occasion to report male and female couples lying on top of each other on top of park benches most recently at the long slide area, there were 2 couples doing this!

Heavily making out or who knows what else one couple had a blanket over them…do you think the police respond—NO!

Another couple were doing it in their vehicle on the street to the entry of the park—called it in— the ranger asked if it were two men, they did not respond and later the discarded condom was on the curb. Granted there may be more male to male activity, but no one seems to care or enforce the lewd conduct statutes if there are men and woman exhibiting lewd conduct in public!

Good news.


This Saturday you can help paint a mural at Santiago Park! This is due to poor parenting, a third world mentality as far as young women being impregnated and a severe lack of education! You have a third world mentality with a lowered standard of civility! I stopped by here to take a walk and wait to pick up my wife from work as she works nearby.

I sat reading and noticed men standing around as mentioned above. There were also at least men parked sitting in their car or sitting next to it in the small parking lot. I sat on the steps near the parkin lot and one guy pulled up in his car and kept staring at me, just sitting there. After about 20 mins, I felt it was Ike to leave.

Needless to say, my experience there led me to search the net to see what is up with this park. I will not be going back there and for everyone saying that his person takig pictures and reporting it to the police has too much time, you must be nuts or the ones who are lurking in the bushes!!

He is only trying to help make it a better place and safer as well. I say if it looks suspicious, it probably is! I never thought going to a park was such a crime for single males. Some of you have to much time on your hand posting pics of people on the net like this. Anyone could have taken your pic at anytime placed it on the net and wrote bad things about you, but choose not to I guess.

Congrats on being creepier than everyone else in the park Rose the nosey neighbor. I searched the net to find what this park was cause I have drove by it and found some weirdo takes pics of unsuspecting guys and posts them on the net labeling them creeps thanks for keeping a non-gay non-creep away loser!

Santiago Park is a city park. You mean nobody has a right to go to a city park unless they are residents of that city? Bullshit, Art, you are full of it. Your understanding of the US Constitution and the law is laughable and scary. Or maybe they were selling pot, but all you think about is sex? And what if they want to meet somebody there and go somewhere else for whatever? What if the guy who picked up a woman was picking up a friend for a ride?

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