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Great job, nice car which having one to begin with, carries more weight in Europe since most people use public transport , dresses well, and just seems like a catch early on. I was sold.

The 5 Most Undateable Guys in Europe

Boy, bye. Remember those 5 languages he speaks, well turns out, none of them he actually speaks well. Rich Ramone is good for two one thing. Free dinners. Goodbye Paella dinners and fancy restaurants. You were fun while you lasted. As someone who comes from a musical background both instrumentally as a kid and it generally being such a big part of my life, our relationship WILL involve dancing. So you must keep up. This person frequents all the study abroad hot spots and knows exactly where to pick up American chicks.

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Remain in safe quarters until you see a mad dash to the door in sight. Charming Charles probably has herpes the worst intentions anyways. Mission Ditch the Douchebag Accomplished. Thanks, Roger. They saw my face. So the man tried to lighten the mood of the situation. With that I grabbed my purse and stood up.

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I walked out the restaurant. And I forgot my fucking car was at his house. So I walked to the corner to see if I could hail a taxi. Shortly after Bojangles came out of the restaurant. Who the fuck do you think you are? Fine then go the fuck home! Then bring your broke, wanna be Bojangles, 50 year old, living in a shack, waiter ass wanna be a writer ass back in the fucking restaurant. I saw a taxi pulling up. Thank goodness. As I grabbed the handle of the taxi to open the door I stuck him with my parting words hoping to cut him with my tongue.

And by the way, give your son a call. On top of being an ugly ass broke fuck you seem to be shitty father too. Go fuck yourself and never ever call me again. I told the taxi to get me back to his address as soon as I could. Why oh why do I always have to have the last word?!

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When we got to his house I had the taxi driver drive me to the back and wait for me until my car started and I was driving off. I even asked him to follow me until I got to the freeway. Thank God the driver was so accommodating. I made it safely back to my home. I called at least 5 of my girlfriends and told them what happened. The reactions were all the same. No way…. These stories must be shared if for nothing else pure entertainment or life lessons… I realized I could use my stories and hopefully help others through their journey and let them know they were not alone.

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

The next morning I woke up. I was still in a state of rejuvenation since the Maui trip despite that little speed bump from the night before. I went in my mediation room and did my usual journaling, praying and meditation and sat in silence for a few minutes.

10 Red Flags That Gay Men Can’t Ignore on a First Date

I flashed back to me and my girlfriends meeting up for drinks later on to discuss all the dates. I even thought back to the journey life had taken me on through my marriage and ultimately the divorce. I realized I could use my stories and hopefully help others through their journey and let them know they were not alone.

I can be found on: I decided to bring you a 2 Part blog. I decided to take a trip by myself to Maui. I was having an Eat, Pray, Love moment. I needed to get out of LA and just breathe. I secretly give them the finger and stick my tongue out at them like a child. But for the folks who genuinely are curious I tell them the story of my worse date ever….

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In July of I decided to take a trip by myself to Maui. My divorce had just become final in January of that year. I felt like I never took the time to be by myself and just reflect on the last few years of my life. As you know, I spend a majority of my time travelling for my job. And one of the perks of all that travel is collecting hotel points and airline points. I only told one person where I was going just in case something happened. I left on a Thursday and tuned myself off to the outside world.

My mornings were spent in heavy mediation and journaling, my days were spent lounging by the pool having cocktails, and my nights were spent taking myself out to dinners.


Needless to say, by the time I returned to the stratosphere, I felt renewed, rejuvenated, and healed. It was closure to the difficult chapter of my life. And I finally felt at peace and okay. So I celebrated my renewal by meeting my girlfriends at Chaya Venice to tell them about the trip. Chaya Venice has one of the best happy hours in LA. It is always packed.

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While socializing with my girlfriends a gentleman walked in and asked if the seat next to me was taken. He knew the bartender well. And then he did what all single men should always do when they offer to buy a woman a drink and her girlfriends are standing there, he offered to buy them a drink as well please note, this only applies to groups of 3 or less….

He was originally from New York. As a matter of fact the angle of his seat made it difficult to really get a sense of his looks. Or maybe it was the fact I had a few too many cocktails since I had a designated driver that night. And this is why I love them! We are all WIPs works in progress.