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I am glad i found they g0ys. I have sent the arguments to my old church, and they couldn't refute it! I had no idea this movement was in existence. It makes so much sense, and frankly gives me relief to know it. Thank you for introducing me to the philosophy. It makes perfect sense, and it's what I've felt. I agree with all its premises from what I can tell. This is why I am still alive today.

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Never got the I have been G0Y aware only about three years. That said, I have always followed G0Y principals without knowing of the classification. Could never stomach the gay Scene or what it stood for. It was difficult for me to come to terms with SGA, especially as it was a sackable offence in the Military Navy when I was younger. I just wanted to say that I totally respect your whole group. We are so afraid to realize that we can be attracted to other handsome, good looking guys and want to share affection with them in ways that take the "romance" into new realms. Why shouldn't we feel that.

Everyone does.

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I believe that words like "brotha," and "dude" are basically ways of showing true affection for other good looking guys. Its the same thing as essentially saying, "you're adorable and good looking" thanks for your group. Im married. Have an attraction towards guys but have no desire for anal sex etc. I just wanted to say how awesome I think your site is and how much I appreciate you putting up a site like this to help other g0ys like myself come to terms with what makes them "different" from gays.

I had been struggling with that issue for many years, and upon finding this site, I've finally realized who I am. I say "finding" because I'm still learning, still digging, still researching. But I can tell you right now that from what I have read on g0ys. Here is someone putting down in words exactly what I have felt for all these years - giving words to the feelings that I struggled to get a grip on.

He described me and immediately I felt "discovered". I am not lost anymore - I am found. I could almost not believe that there are other men in the world who feel what I feel. And as I continued to read the intro again and again and read over the pages of information on the site, I could fell myself being transformed - literally. Man I became whole again The 1 st love of my life was a guy I met as a teen at a Christian camp. So glad the apologetics on this site destroy the mantra against same-sex love that so many lax, lazy churches spew; --While making it so clear why AnalSex is what Lev Love is the only "WHY", and it conquers all.

One final note about G0Y affiliates, etc: Many people have volunteered their time to help other G0YS. Some may be in it just for a safe, passionate roll in the proverbial hay Oh G0Y! However, each is an independent person who does not work for us, nor have we met most of them in person. Therefore, knowing that we do not call any man infallible, -- get to know ANY person before opening up the details of your life. Keep initial meetings public. Be safety minded.

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ANY link or referral is simply a link or referral -- not a mark of approval or authentication. Our affiliates understand that we don't authorize any G0Y to demand money or private details - such as where you live, bank or work. You need not disclose any information or feel compelled to pay anything to anyone representing themselves as "G0Y".

If you become uncomfortable with the direction of a conversation, end it. If you are ever threatened, contact authority at once. If you have any comments about any "G0Y", please feel at complete liberty to e-mail us. Your feedback helps us know what is happening "out there".

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Also, we want you to be a part of this movement! You are at liberty to make references back to it and you may feel free to list our e-mail address as a response address for inquiries about G0YS! If you self-identify as G0Y, then we want you to feel an integral part of what is happening here! Male Mail: What are guys G0YS saying about this site? I read your post and took a look at the website you listed and I can actually say for the first time that I feel like I have a place bro. Thank you for the post I now know where I fit and that my feelings are normal and pure I connected with everything on the list And also the physical display of compassion and love for one another in a brotherly sense That week, I stumbled across the G0Ys.

I found the arguments well reasoned, the testimonials realistic and empathic, and the convincing medical science matching what I knew about Leviticus and hygiene laws.

I realized I wasn't alone and maybe G-d wasn't as cruel as I had first thought. I had an epiphany as sixteen years of regret came crashing down. This definition is definitely the missing link!!!!! A lot has been discussed about gays, soul mates, brothers, etc etc , but the definition of a guy, wanting to have a close friendship with another guy, and yet not to be stamped as gay, because that has always had some sort of a trans- sexual tendency, is now clear!

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I read a few posts and I am so relieved to know this is NOT a gay site. Yes, WAY too much pressure and left feeling "labled or trapped" by that term. This moment has taken such a weight off my shoulders. I had a buddy once many, many years ago and it was truly the best male-bonding type of friendship that I felt could never be duplicated.

Now I find, joyfully, that I could have been wrong. It's such a profound thought, you know, that men can love men without having to disgrace themselves, their masculinity OR their spirituality. I gotta tell you, it's somewhat like being reborn, you know? Also can't thank you enough for your activism on behalf of guys everywhere tired of being labeled gay for loving other guys. Just found the g0y movement recently and was I ever relieved! I hate the gAy lifestyle, attitudes and stereotypes and do not want to be associated with any of that As a masculine Christian guy I am excited that there is something m2m that makes sense morally and spiritually and feels totally right For the past few years, I've had an attraction to guys in wanting to find one as a real brother I can love on all levels.

But they guys Im into are guys like me, who like their sports, red meet, beer ect, not prancing queens. I am God fearing myself but am put off by how people twist their beloved bibles into whatever makes them feel better, and also by the gay community which I find gross and surface level. I didn't know what to make of myself. Now I do: I am g0y.

Someone told me about this site on Friday and I've spent the whole weekend on it - I completely had an epiphany. I feel like my salvation depended on me finding this site. Again thank you, you've gotta write a book man!!!!!!!! Thanks to my new buddy for introducing me to this site.

I live in Zimbabwe What an amazing discovery for me. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your site. I am in my early forties and have always been attracted to men; women have never done it for me. My attempts to meet other men have always been failures. I tried the bar scene when I was younger.