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Coming Out on Top. Break Chance Memento. Beyond Eden. Songs and Shadows. Tides of Numenera. Killing Time at Lightspeed: Enhanced Edition. Union Tides. Free to Play.

Gay Option

Hands in the Kitchen. Escape from Pleasure Planet. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Genital Jousting. Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh. A Hand in the Darkness. Tales of Zestiria. The Beast Within: Radiator 2: Anniversary Edition. Bastard Bonds. No One But You.

Dreamfall Chapters. Painters Guild. The Walking Dead: Season 2. Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto IV. State of Decay. Baldur's Gate: Scholarship Edition. Deus Ex: Invisible War. Democracy 3. The Yawhg. The Last Day of the Decade. My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant. Wild Hunt.

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A New Frontier. Last Recode. Chess of Blades. Free To Play. Your Royal Gayness. The Red Strings Club. After Kappei is revealed to be male, he gets together with Kyou's twin sister, Ryou. Most people ignored the women in favor of Jun's path. While Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Totsuka Saika gets his own ending with Hachiman. You can express your love for Zak , too, but he reacts with a Squick. Surprisingly, though, he'll change his mind during non-David endings.

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In the post-prologue part of Ristorante Amore , Liam and Ethan are included among Pierre's romance options. Inverted in the Yaoi Genre visual novel Sacred Sand. Of the 21 possible endings, there are two which involve Lorr ending up with Learah: The male characters in Shira Oka: Second Chances also have paths and endings, although they're only a bit Ho Yay and not full-on romance. He can do the same to a few of the boys, one for each clique. Despite the fact that "finishing" his Art class allows him to romance female students without giving them a gift first, he will still have to hand the guys a present before they will be his.

Also, while there are multiple kissing girl animations, there's only ever one for kissing boys. Grand Theft Auto: One mission involves going on a date with a gay man, but this is not a Gay Option, since this is an assassination mission. San Andreas lets CJ kiss men, but this only applies in multiplayer mode and if the 2nd player chooses a male character.

Most of House Party is spent trying to get the attention of one of the available girls. Amy is participating in a scavanger hunt, and one of the item she needs is a condom, which fellow party-goer Frank has. But if you ask him for it, he thinks you're hitting on him and refuses to talk to you until you either "confess" to having feelings for him or prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you're straight. You're completely welcome to make that confession, which leads to him taking you aside and giving you a blowjob.

Adventure Games In Life Is Strange , protagonist Max can have romantic interactions with either estranged childhood friend Chloe or science nerd Warren. It's actually something of an inversion, though, since Chloe is practically the Deuteragonist , while Warren is a side character. Chloe is also the protagonist of the prequel, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm , and in it she can begin a romance with popular girl Rachel.

The video game adaptation of The Princess and the Frog has a mild one of these. One minigame is like tag Player default is Tiana, with the other 3 players being Prince Naveen, Tiana's best friend Charlotte, and her other friend Georgia. In The Walking Dead: The Final Season , Clementine can begin a romance with Violet. The game was nearly discontinued after its second episode due to the sudden closure of Telltale Games , however.

Gender issues and inclusive options

A partnership is looking to save the series till it gets closure thankfully. The My Lady's Choosing: An Interactive Romance Novel book has this via offering the female protagonist the possibility of going on a trip to Egypt with her female Only Friend at various points in the other paths, in which she's otherwise going after male characters. In the Choose Your Own Adventure book Pretty Little Mistakes that has an explicitly female protagonist, most of the love interests are male but one of the story branches lets you get together with another woman instead. Either way, your character flirts with female teammate Telsia Murphy, who might return the flirting in optional scenes.

Regardless of gender , player characters who belong to the organization known as The Dragon will receive oral pleasure from an attractive asian female during an early cutscene. Whether they like it or not. Role-Playing Games In Arcanum: It's possible to get a non-violent non-deceptive outcome to the confrontation with the female leader of the Dark Elves by simply responding to her attempts to seduce the main character. Only if the protagonist is especially attractive, mind you beauty is a stat in Arcanum.

Inverted in Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle. Reckoning , is implied to have feelings for the protagonist, partly depending on your dialogue choices. The closest she'll come to actually admitting that, however, is to say that she has "more important things to do than love" if you pass a very difficult persuasion check right before the final boss fight. If you are consistently nice to perpetually-unlucky Manic Pixie Dream Elf Captain Rast Brattigan, she'll decide that you should be together.

There is also a side quest that involves an arranged political marriage with a female diplomat. Knights of the Old Republic features Juhani, a female Jedi of a catlike race, as a possible party member. If the player makes their character a female and follows the Light Side path, Juhani confesses her feelings for her before the final battle. The player can tell Juhani she feels the same way, or that she just doesn't swing that way.

If a male character flirts with her she's openly disgusted at the idea. The Neverwinter Nights expansion Kingmaker provides the bisexual nymph NPC Kaidala who can be romanced by female as well as male characters. Elizabeth maintains her flirty, if not outright romantic demeanour toward the MC, regardless of gender, though the scene where she "spends a long time" with the MC is cut out of the female version. Aigis is fiercely protective of the MC regardless of gender, and her social link text remains the same with a female MC as it was with the male, though the voice acting is cut out during rank 10 in the female route.

However, as she is still asking you to touch her Papillon Heart, an extremely intimate gesture bordering on pseudo-robot intercourse, she can be considered a gay option for the female MC. In Pillars of Eternity , it's possible for the Watcher's past life — who shares the Watcher's gender — to have been romantically involved with a female character. In Shadowrun: Dragonfall , the player, regardless of their gender, can say that they had once been in a relationship with Monika. The Swordcraft Story sub-series of Summon Night has lesbian option s , that are almost impossible to avoid. Female summons in both games gain a crush on the main character and playing as a female does nothing to deter them, and in-fact only encourages them Sugar only gives the famed kiss to a female PC.

In the mobile game Demi Lovato: Path to Fame , players are given a choice near the beginning as to whether they would like to date men, women, or have no preference. The dating options don't change in personality or role, but simply are of the gender you picked or random if you chose no preference. Harvest Moon: Korobokkuru Station For Girls had a thinly-veiled Gay Option, allowing you to use a "Best Friends Ceremony" to get one of the special wives from the male version to move in with you and eventually bring you a baby, as if they were a husband.

This was removed for the US version, Harvest Moon DS Cute — more obnoxiously, Natsume refused to confirm they removed it, and they left in all the related scenes up to actually "proposing", so it's taken hours of work by dedicated players to, in fact, confirm it's not in there.

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Fans were understandably annoyed. In the online game The Hookup one of your options is the girl, Sarah. In Long Live the Queen , the need to marry and provide heirs for the country means most of Elodie's romance options are male, but there are still three women she can possibly end up with, one of whom she can even officially marry, although achieving that particular outcome is extremely difficult.

In Princess Maker 4 possibly only the PC version , if your daughter avoids marrying any men and has a close enough relationship with one of her female friends, she may end up living "happily ever after" with the girl in question. In the "Deluxe" version , they are already included. Because the default player characters for the Way of the Samurai series are male, with female PC models being unlockable extras for game completion the series focuses on having a large number of relatively short paths , or awards for Non-Lethal K.

The one NPC that reacts differently to a female PC in 2 the female sword informant , can still be hopelessly asked on a date.