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Your good looks are icing on the cake! A long time ago I was pursued on line by a guy when I was looking for a relationship. When I finally got to meet him I asked him how I would recognize him? His response was he would likely be the only one there with only one arm. After months of conversations this was a fact he had never before mentioned. I considered being a no-show but I went and honestly I was more upset by his lack of honestly all that time than I was by his missing appendage. Keep telling them up front. I think Josh is addressing it in the right way, in a note after the initial contact.

The 1 Question they might have? Why not include something simple but up front like: I read the article as if there was a correct answer. Maybe using instant video conversation skype, etc. It may be a good compromise ; an option to test? By letting guys know upfront will weed out the really shallow guys. Being disabled either visible or not does not make a guy any less loveable, sweet, horny, etc..

Having said so, good luck to this man. Better to be honest than dishonest.

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Be prepared for the fact that sexual attractiveness is largely based on physical appeal. If I were you, I would meet people in. The truth is sexier than anything you can invent. I too am gay and have a disability. Unfortunately the second someone mentions being disabled, certain assumptions are made. First, most people assume I am paraplegic and confined a wheelchair. Where does one queer crippled guy go to obtain the body that the app-holes are thirsting for? Spaces like the gym, filled to the brim with beautiful bodies and bulging boys, are so often not designed with my disability in mind.

The messaging I hear in the gym is loud and clear: This is further proof that my queer crippled body has no real value, as it is. The next time you tell a disabled guy that they just need to work out, think about the privilege that comes with that statement. Also, the next time I see a message about my supposed fitness from you, I might just have to reply: Via huffingtonpost. Home About our blog.

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Contact Login Terms and Privacy. She threatened to fight whoever said it and listed a whole bunch of nice things about me. Even a girl she was talking to on the down-low jumped in to defend me. No one had ever blatantly questioned whether I was undateable because of my arm, so why did I? But mostly I was so terrified of someone else saying I was unattractive because of my arm that I tried to mitigate the pain by saying it first.

Dating with a Disability

My confidence level got much higher when I got to college. Though people began asking questions about my disability more, I got hit on and hooked up frequently.

How Having A Disability Influenced My Queer Dating Life

Having grown into my style, I felt attractive. I hardly reacted to her comment at the time, because I was too busy drunkenly bawling my eyes out. We broke up a few months later, but I continued to think about what she said. I realized I was attracted to women way before I realized how my disability impacted my sexuality and dating life. In a way, yeah, I got it — if I had two hands, even more men would probably hit on me. I already get hit on a lot; I blame my boobs. Most days, I feel pretty good.

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These days, most of the time, I hardly think about it. I met Rebecca for our second date at the movies. This time I was wearing my new, state-of-the-art bionic arm. To me, the arm was undeniably sexy.

How Having A Disability Influenced My Queer Dating Life

I carefully balanced on my high heels on the way up the stairs, gripping the banister with my right hand, holding my purse with my prosthetic. I really liked Rebecca; I'd never liked someone this much after a first date. My heart started to pound when I saw her in the crowd of moviegoers. My heart pounded even harder when she leaned over during the movie and kissed me.

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In the past, I've sometimes felt ugly around women I was attracted to — both because of how women are conditioned to compare themselves to each other and because of my arm. But this time I felt beautiful, I felt comfortable, I felt sexy. As Rebecca laughed and placed my prosthetic on the nightstand, all I could think about was how much I liked her.

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