Gay dating game show

Queer Content: Technically 0. The rest of the show is a trip. Each episode involves one clothed singleton and six naked contestants vying for their affection. Their bodies are revealed in stages from the feet up, with one rejected at each stage.

The UK’s Reality Dating Shows, Ranked by Queerness

When only two contestants are left, the person deciding takes off their own clothes and chooses which one to go on a date with. If your Tinder date is going to be staring at your boobs anyway, why not just whap it all out? Unfortunately, once you look past all the genitals, things start to take a turn for the worst. Why is it that the dating show with the most commitment to queer representation is the one designed to garner outraged Daily Mail headlines? Why do the strange educational cut-aways have such a terrible understanding of sex and gender?

Lance Bass Will Host TV’s First Gay Reality Dating Show

If we were ranking on convenience, First Dates would win by a country mile. The premise is simple: The mating rituals of the straights are very strange. Most of the dates go poorly in some way, and watching a few episodes in a row will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about basic human interaction.

Which gets us to a big problem with pretty much every show on this list: First Dates in particular features a wide variety of straight singles looking for love, but most of the time we only get to see a depressingly narrow vision of queer existence.


First Dates , then. Honestly, I love Dinner Date.

Gay 'dad dating' game is a surprise hit - BBC News

The show introduces a lonely heart to three blind dates, each of which has to cook them a three course meal. The contestant chooses their favourite to take out to a romantic restaurant, while the others get delivered a microwave meal for one. Queer participants might appear less frequently than in other shows on this list, but with over episodes broadcast and six participants in each though only four actually get to go on the dates , Dinner Date certainly has numbers on its side. Unfortunately, Dinner Dates is absolutely the worst offender when it comes to hackneyed musical choices; you will get sick of hearing t.

Lance Bass Will Host TV’s First Gay Reality Dating Show | Vanity Fair

Dinner Date is our winner! Sure, I enjoy the shows we have, but watching them en masse for this article was thoroughly depressing.

I was surprised to find that queer women appeared in more or less equal numbers to — and in some cases actually outnumbered — queer men. Then again, maybe being barred from the world of dating shows for so long has really been a blessing in disguise — at least we got to skip the indignities of Sing Date.

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Heather is a UK-based web developer and freelance writer. She also spends way too much time on Twitter. You need to login in order to like this post: I love this.

Heather, I bloody love Naked Attraction. Like, ONLY in this country would a show like this have the gall to exist. The pure objectification of it is pretty unique, but it seems like most of Europe had some iteration of an all-nude dating show back in ish. The order from the WGA came down Friday night after negotiations [ The room at the Beverly Hilton was booked until midnight.

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6. Take Me Out / Love Island / Dating in the Dark

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