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Take a look through this list of actors rumored to be gay — you might be surprised at who you find. Rumors about John Travolta's sexuality have followed him for years, but he only started responding to them recently. Most of the rumors about Ed Westwick's sexuality seem to come from this photo of the actor holding hands with his handsome bro.

Stevenage, United Kingdom. Lubbock, Texas, United States of America. Rumors about Tyler Perry's sexuality have been bouncing around the Internet since the first Madea film was released.

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Some sites have even dug into the life of his supposed ex-lover , whom they allege Perry refers to as his "ex-employee. Families with Multiple Gay Children.

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And yet both Stein and Capote, openly and exclusively gay, built their outsize reputations on works that directly featured homosexuality and a queer aesthetic. How did these writers become mass-market celebrities while other gay public figures were closeted or censored? And what did their fame mean for queer writers and readers, and for the culture in general? Celebrating lesbian partnership, The Autobiography of Alice B.

Toklas was published in and rocketed Stein, the Jewish lesbian intellectual avant-garde American expatriate, to international stardom and a mass-market readership. Fifteen years later, when Capote published Other Voices, Other Rooms , a novel of explicit homosexual sex and love, his fame itself became famous. He historically situates author photos, celebrity gossip, and other ephemera to explain how Stein and Capote expressed homosexuality and negotiated homophobia through the fleeting depiction of what could not be directly written—maneuvers that other gay writers such as Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams, and James Baldwin could not manage at the time.

26 People From the LGBTQ Movement You Should Know

Jeff Solomon is assistant professor of English and women, gender, and sexuality studies at Wake Forest University. In So Famous and So Gay , Jeff Solomon amasses a treasure trove archive—literature, reviews, biographies, photographs, interviews—from which he examines the gayness, strangeness, and celebrity that combusted to create the queer precocity of Truman Capote and Gertrude Stein. At once critically expansive and insightful, this book is also a good story.

Like Stein and Capote, Solomon is an engaging stylist in his own right.

Bombshell book alleges rampant homosexuality, hypocrisy within Vatican

Read to learn, read to enjoy imagine that! Brilliantly exposing of the commodification of authorial identity, Solomon also offers a welcome corrective to strands of queer theory that neglect the specificities of same-sex desire. James Penner, author of Pinks, Pansies, and Punks: Contents Prologue: Beneath the Mask Introduction: Stein and Capote in Theory Part I 1. Young, Effeminate, and Strange: The Debut of Truman Capote 2. Capote, Forster, and the Trillings: Gertrude Stein, Opium Queen: Notes on a Mistaken Embrace 4. A Respectable Commodity 5.

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